Hi Milenial, SUPER Save Ticket Prices Starting From Rp 367,000

SUPER AIR JET Ready to Fly to SUPER Destinations Third Favorite: PALEMBANG


Super Popular Route Prime Flight Along with National Transportation Day

Description: The inauguration of the first flight in Palembang was attended by: General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura II Palembang Branch KRAT Tommy Ariesdianto; Danlanud Sri Mulyono Palembang, Kolonel Pnb Hermawan Widhianto,  S. E., M. M.; General Manager Perum LPPNPI AirNav Indoensia Palembang Branch, Hermana Soegijantoro;  Operation Head DPPU (Pertamina Aviation) SMB II Palembang, I Ketut Arnawa; Ketua Chairman of ASITA South Sumatra Anton Wahyudi; Super AIR JET management representative, Capt. Ariga Cakrawala Putera;  Area Manager of SUPER AIR JET Palembang, Mr. Haris Pramono; Station Manager Super Air Jet Palembang, Mr. Sumantri. Photo: Hendrawan Agusta



P A L E M B A N G, September 18, 2021. SUPER AIR JET today announced the opening of the new SUPER Popular route: Jakarta – Palembang – Jakarta. Why is that? Because this network is known as one of the most crowded routes with market trends in the category of young people (millennials) who continue to grow.


Palembang is the third favorite SUPER destination (after Medan and Batam). Do you know? Sights like Vinisia are found in the capital of South Sumatra, as the city of Venisia from the East with instagramable spots of the Musi River that flows around the city. Ampera Bridge will shine brightly at night like Venice at night.


Photo: Hendrawan Agusta


The creative industry and MSMEs are growing, among them the very famous songket fabric "craftmanship" that continues to be maintained. It turns out that the work of making songket is an effort for the indigenous people of Palembang. Supported by the painstaking artisans, creativity of designers and young business people, Songket Palembang is increasingly daring to develop production motives and techniques. SUPER AIR JET highly appreciates the efforts referred to from strengthening crafting skills, optimizing equipment, strengthening standards, while maintaining its traditional.


SUPER AIR JET is well aware of aviation needs in answering the challenges of today's market. Therefore, the first flight from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK) to Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport (PLM) is considered very appropriate. Now, young travelers are easier to do mobility in both cities, without having to think long. Because, SUPER AIR JET can be the latest choice for flying.


Jakarta travel time to Palembang and Palembang to Jakarta is relatively short (around 55 minutes) can add to the exciting experience to fly in the new era. SUPER AIR JET operates with a frequency of flying 1 (one) time every day, which is served round trip (PP), flying SUPER Comfortable using Airbus 320-200 with a capacity of 180 economy class seats.


  • Jakarta to Palembang | Flight IU-872 | Departing at 12:00 | Arrives at 13:05 WIB.
  • Palembang to Jakarta | Flight IU-873 | Departs at 13:45 WIB. | Arrived at 15:55 WIB.


Most importantly, SUPER AIR JET offers SUPER Save prices starting from Rp 367,000 for one-time roads that suit millennials and are definitely affordable.


SUPER Ekstra: Free 20kg can accommodate luggage or baggage on each flight. Do you like to get bored in the air? No need to worry, SUPER Entertainment will pamper through free entertainment accessed from mobile phones. Watch movies as much as you can, play games, read e-magazines, look for lifestyle references, look around vloggers, follow podcasts and other interesting content.


Description: Symbolization of the opening of the new route Jakarta to Palembang by the board of directors of SUPER AIR JET (second from left to right) Capt. Boentoro Suharianto, Director of Operations; Dona, Director of Finance; Ari Azhari, President Director and Novianti Harahap, Commercial Director accompanied by SUPER Crew. Photo: Hendrawan Agusta.


SUPER AIR JET which carries the concept in accordance with current trends has studied the main habits of young people, one of which is not separated from mobile phones. Finally, SUPER AIR JET adapts to entertainment in the air and on the ground, so that every super guest will still be able to move using their respective smartphones to pamper themselves through free entertainment. The most important hope is, the experience during the flight is maintained, exciting and fun.


SUPER AIR JET has a broad view in line with answering the challenges among business people and tourists in the current era regarding aviation needs, especially in southern Sumatra.


The inaugural flight of Jakarta – Palembang – Jakarta as part of the vibrant National Transportation Day 2021, SUPER AIR JET hopes to inspire transportation people, especially aviation services in line with the spirit of high flying and more advanced work and still serve the public at large in an effort to improve trends according to the needs of the aviation market, especially domestic.

SUPER AIR JET expresses its gratitude to all parties involved, including regulators, airport managers, air traffic controllers, other relevant agencies for cooperation, coordination so far. Furthermore, synergy can be well established, so that the current and future first flights continue to run smoothly.


The first flight from Jakarta to Palembang PP went ahead as scheduled and met the operational standards of safety, security and comfort of air travel. All operations are running under strict health protocol provisions.


Why a Super Air Jet?

The main focus of SUPER AIR JET offers a low cost carrier concept with direct intercity flights on a point-to-point basis in the domestic market and can later penetrate to international routes.


SUPER AIR JET is designed and prepared to allow many people (passengers) to be able to travel by airplane. Current and future SUPER AIR JET flights will be assessed to be:

  1. Adding new and exciting experiences when flying,
  2. Creating better connectivity, so as to shorten the distance and shorten the travel time,
  3. Re-stirring people's interest in traveling by airplane,
  4. Forming, connecting and realizing dreams for the community of street hobbyists, aviation lovers, business people to still be able to fly,
  5. Ensuring that flying is very safe, healthy and fun,


Super AIR JET has vision “To Empower the Next Generation to Reach New Heights”  is preparing for the first flight with domestic routes that are considered very potential, have the appeal of regional excellence, as well as the trend of millennial passenger category flights.