Stay Tuned for Super Comfortable Flight from SUPER AIR JET

Makassar becomes the latest SUPER Popular route from Jakarta starting April 20, 2022! Get SUPER Extra Free 20kg luggage, can watch movies in flightfrom Mobile phone and SUPERComfortable flying on an Airbus 320 aircraft.

Makassar, April 07, 2022. Hallo Supers! For the first time, starting April 20, 2022 SUPER AIR JET landed the first Airbus 320-200 aircraft with a capacity of 180 super comfortable economy class seats on Sulawesi Island through Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport (UPG), as the air gate of Makassar city in South Sulawesi. Supers want to explore this SUPER Favorite destination nicknamed "Daeng City"?

SUPER Popular route to Makassar will be served by SUPER AIR JET flying directly (non-stop) or without transit from Terminal 1A Soekarno-Hatta international airport in Tangerang (CGK) with a flight frequency of 2x every day.

Supers must know! SUPER Hemat offer starts from RP 1,032,600 from Jakarta to Makassar and for Makassar to Jakarta route starting from Rp. 1,041,700.

SUPER AIR JET will continue to develop SUPER Popular routes and SUPER Favorite destinations, which are tailored according to the demands of the current aviation market trends and prepare for the upcoming "Eid homecoming" needs.

SUPER Popular Routes
International Airportl
Flight No. Departure Arrival Free of Charge
SUPER Popular Routes
International Airportl
Flight No. Departure Arrival Free of Charge
Jakarta Soekarno Hatta (CGK) - Makassar Sultan Hasanuddin (UPG) IU-500 04.45 WIB 08.10 WITA - Baggage 20 kg
- Flight Entertainment
Makassar Sultan Hasanuddin (UPG) - SoekarnoHatta-Tangerang (CGK) IU-501 08.50 WITA 10.10 WIB - Baggage 20 kg
- Flight Entertainment
Jakarta Soekarno Hatta (CGK) - Makassar Sultan Hasanuddin (UPG) IU-504 16.40 WIB 20.05 WITA - Baggage 20 kg
- Flight Entertainment
Makassar Sultan Hasanuddin (UPG) - SoekarnoHatta-Tangerang (CGK) IU-505 20.45 WITA 22.05 WIB - Baggage 20 kg
- Flight Entertainment

Makassar becomes the 16th FAVORITE SUPER destination served by SUPER AIR JET. Currently, IATA:IU-coded airlines have explored 15 SUPER Favorite destinations including Jakarta, Medan, Batam, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Padang, Jambi, Bandar Lampung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Solo, Lombok, Denpasar, Pontianak, Balikpapan.

Do you know Supers, uniqueness of Makassar? This strategically located city is the fourth largest city in Indonesia and the largest in eastern Indonesia. The city, which is often referred to as daeng city, has natural attractions, delicious culinary and accelerated economic growth including the development of the aviation market which is dominated by young people. Makassar has natural attractions such as Losari beach, Fort Rotterdam, Lae-Lae island and many more.

Typical culinary is also one of the attractions. Many tourists come to the city of Anging Mammiri just because they miss the treats of distinctive tastes, the most favorite of which is Coto Makassar., Konro, Sup Ubi, Sup Saudara, Pallubasa, Pallumara, Bebek Palekko, Pisang Epe and many more.

So, from now on get to know and choose SUPER AIR JET for exciting flights. What are the advantages?

  1. SUPER Extra, free 20kg luggage.
  2. SUPER Thrifty, affordable rates and according to the interests of young people
  3. SUPER Seru, can watch movies from mobile phones (HP) for free, play games, read digital magazines, listen to podcasts and more from inflight entertainment or entertainment on the plane or while on the ground. Supers can enjoy this entertainment only download the Tripper - SUPER AIR JET application once.
  4. SUPER Comfortable, flying in the modern category aircraft Airbus A320-200 with a capacity of 180 economy seats. The interior is designed with an ergonomic chair layout and legroom, and is comfortable.
  5. SUPER Crew, meet very identical cabin crew dressed in modern, elegant, energetic and contemporary uniforms. Friendly impression in accompanying during the flight.
  6. SUPER Safe, the aircraft has Hepa Filter technology (a powerful particle filter system) capable of filtering 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses, so that air circulation in the cabin is maintained properly.
  7. SUPER Popular, the routes served are quite crowded enthusiasts to fly business people, tourists, especially the category of young people.
  8. SUPER Favorites, for destination cities served with their own advantages or appeals. Don’t miss it.
  9. SUPER Healthy, flight implementation still applies health protocol guidelines, in accordance with applicable requirements. Most importantly, it meets the safety and security aspects of aviation.

SUPER AIR JET expresses its gratitude and appreciation to all parties who have shared in coordination, cooperation in preparing for the "excitement" of the inaugural flight Jakarta - Makassar - Jakarta. Hopefully, SUPER AIR JET is present in the midst of this millennial era and can realize the dream of young people to fly around Indonesia.

Gradually, SUPER AIR JET will fly and prepare to take Supers to SUPER Favorite destinations on other SUPER Popular routes.. Wait for the next Update...