SUPER Fun: Fly While Watching Movies Enjoy Unlimited Free Entertainment with SUPER Entertainment

“Anytime, Anywhere. It's all in your hands.”



J A K A R T A, August 6th, 2021. SUPER AIR JET fully understands the needs of today's travelers and business travelers (millenials travelers) want a different experience on the flight, need a new breakthrough. Now, the excitement has been answered, SUPER AIR JET offers every super guest (passenger designation) can watch movies while flying, play games, read digital magazines, watch video blogs (vlogs) and other entertainment for free.


All entertainment can be enjoyed from your hand, because more up-to-date rely on smartphones, tablets, ipad each super guest. The easy way: download once from the App Store or Google Play Store by selecting "Tripper" SUPER Entertainment.


Using this entertainment facility in flight (on board), the way is very easy; airplane mode, connect Tripper WIFI connection, open Tripper app and enjoy a variety of SUPER Entertainment content inside.


What are you waiting for? Let's explore and enjoy entertainment at SUPER Entertainment, ranging from a wide selection of Indonesian, Hollywood, Korean, Mandarin, to Bollywood movies with a variety of genres such as drama, action, comedy and others. Not only that, but flying boredom is available for games, e-magazines, lifestyle, vloggers, podcasts and other interesting content.


Chief Executive Officer of SUPER AIR JET, Ari Azhari said, “SUPER AIR JET that carries the concept according to the latest trends or millennials have learned the main habits of young people, one of which can not be separated from mobile phones. Finally, SUPER AIR JET adapts to entertainment on board and on the ground, so that every super guest will still be able to use their smartphones to pamper themselves through free entertainment. The most important hope is that the experience during the flight is maintained, fun, fun and enjoyable."


Ari added, “Interesting content and adapted to growing trends will always accompany millennial travelers and business people. SUPER Entertainment is a strategic partnership with PT Dua Surya Dinamika as a company that creates Tripper application products and powered by AirFi Indonesia. SUPER AIR JET is very happy to start this partnership because it is able to answer the needs of the market.

In the future, innovations will continue to be developed, in order to better follow the era (updated).


Chief Executive Officer of Tripper, Satish L. Mahtani on the same occasion conveyed, “Tripper congratulates and succeeds to SUPER AIR JET on the inaugural flight route Jakarta – Medan – Jakarta and Jakarta – Batam – Jakarta. This best moment is marked by the launch of free flight entertainment designed specifically for millennials. Entertainment can be accessed anytime and anywhere (on the ground and when in the air or on a flight). This breakthrough will accompany every millennial who chooses to fly with SUPER AIR JET."


“In convincing flying is fun, and fun. Entertainment with smartphones (gadgets / devices) of each millennial is done as a form of efforts to prevent the spread of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) in order to still be able to add comfort through entertainment presented comfortably and safely, said Satish.


Do You Know? Flying tips while enjoying on-board entertainment

  1. Bring your own head set, to keep the sense of flight comfort,
  2. Charging the battery on the mobile phone when in the departure terminal to make it more exciting to surf free entertainment during the flight,
  3. When to turn on and when to turn off electronic devices especially those that emit radio signals and transmitters. Keep an eye on the instructions of the SUPER Crew, as it aims to ensure safety and security aspects.
  4. Anticipating the handling of each passenger carrying a 2015 Production MacBook Pro (Retina 15-Inch) product marketed from September 2015 to February 2017, includes a ban on the transportation of apple products laptop type MacBook Pro 15 inches production 2015 marketed from September 2015 to February 2017 as checked baggage and cargo


    When carried as cabin baggage, SUPER AIR JET requires:

    1. Keep turning off during the flight including not in a sleep mode state;
    2. Do not recharge the battery during in-flight.


      Policy according to the rules released by the Ministry of Transportation Directorate General of Air Transportation (DGCA) number Au / 201 / 0169 / DKP / DBU / VIII / 2019,  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as well as regulations from the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (Special Provisions A154) regarding the ban on carrying MacBook Pro (Retina 15-Inch), that there was a problem with the laptop battery in the Apple product that could potentially cause hazards to air travel safety factors.


  5. Prohibition of carrying and using portable devices battery chargers (powerbank), provided that: while on board the aircraft is prohibited from using the powerbank

Each super guest is required to report to the officer in detail about the capacity of the powerbank carried.

  1. According to the rules, powerbank with a power capacity: a maximum of 100 Wh or 20,000 mAh can only be carried in the cabin and are prohibited from entering checked baggage.
  2. 100-160 Wh or 20,000-32,000 mAh must have approval from SUPER AIR JET.
  3. more than 160 Wh is prohibited from boarding.


SUPER AIR JET has a vision: “To empower the next generation to reach new heights”. SUPER AIR JET was really founded from scratch (o) on the basis of initiation and millennial spirit, the hope is to keep streaking, flying high, reaching out to many destinations.


SUPER AIR JET coded IATA: IU which is then used one unique way: the term "I Love U" means we're always going to be there for you – especially millennials.  The phrase will be familiar and familiar to be heard among SUPER Crew when spreading various forms of flying campaign "New Era, Exciting Experience"



SYS ( See You Soon), meaning see you again at the next information and warm regards from SUPER AIR JET.