Welcoming Eid, who are you traveling with?

Together with SUPER AIR JET to SAMARINDA's Favorite SUPER New Destination


SURABAYA, April 6, 2022. Hi Supers! The latest news for those who are looking for a new destination city or preparing to return home during the upcoming Eid moment. SUPER AIR JET will soon fly non-stop from SUPER Favorite destination Surabaya, East Java to Samarinda in East Kalimantan.

The first flight is scheduled for April 22, 2022 from Surabaya Juanda International Airport in Sidoarjo (SUB) to Aji Pangeran Tumenggung Airport (APT) Pranoto Samarinda (AAP) round trip (vv)

SUPER AIR JET directly provides 2 (two) times the frequency of flying


Rute SUPER Populer Nomor Terbang Waktu Berangkat Waktu Tiba Gratis
Surabaya (SUB) ke Samarinda (AAP) IU-640 06.00 WIB 08.40 WITA ·     Bagasi 20kg
·     Hiburan di pesawat
Samarinda (AAP) ke Surabaya (SUB) IU-641 09.20 WITA 10.00 WIB ·     Bagasi 20kg
·     Hiburan di pesawat
Surabaya (SUB) ke Samarinda (AAP) IU-642 10.40 WIB 13.20 WITA ·     Bagasi 20kg
·     Hiburan di pesawat
Samarinda (AAP) ke Surabaya (SUB) IU-643 14.00 WTA 14.40 WIB ·     Bagasi 20kg
·     Hiburan di pesawat

Supers should know! Surabaya – Samarinda – Surabaya became the first SUPER Popular route connecting the capital of East Java with the capital of East Kalimantan.

SUPER AIR JET assesses that both cities are increasingly hits destinations for millennials, as centers of trade and industry, business and offer a variety of tourist activities. Finally known as a SUPER Favorite destination.


SUPER AIR JET offers affordable ticket fares that are suitable for young people when traveling. SUPER Save from IDR 578,900 surabaya sector to Samarinda and Samarinda destination Surabaya starting from IDR 507,900. Fantastic?

What are you waiting for? Immediately enter the SUPER Popular route into the list to realize the dream of recognizing and enjoying both cities.

An advantage for supers, the route will shorten the time and shorten the distance that lasts a range of 1 hour 40 minutes without transit at other airports. There is a time difference between Surabaya and Samarinda, the time in Samarinda is 1 hour faster than Surabaya.

The experience of flying the same SUPER AIR JET to Samarinda will be fun. Enjoy the SUPER Comfortable type of Airbus 320-200 aircraft designed ergonomically, airy inter-seat distance with a configuration of 180 economy class seats.


SUPER Safe, the aircraft has Hepa Filter technology (strong particle filter system) which is able to filter 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses, so that air circulation in the cabin is maintained properly. Most importantly, flights are run according to strict operational standards of health procedures and protocols.


SUPER Extra: free 20kg can accommodate luggage or luggage on every flight. Do you like to get bored during the flight? No need to worry, SUPER Entertainment will pamper through free entertainment accessed from mobile phones. Watch movies, play games, read e-magazines, look for lifestyle references, browse vloggers, follow podcasts and other interesting content.


SUPER AIR JET which carries the concept according to the current trend has learned the main habits of young people, one of which cannot be separated from mobile phones. Therefore, SUPER AIR JET adapts to entertainment during the flight and on ground, so that every super guest can still move using their respective smartphones to pamper themselves through free entertainment. The most important hope is, the experience during the flight is maintained, fun, exciting.

Even more memorable, Supers can meet the SUPER Crew directly, meet the cabin crew who are very identical in modern uniforms, elegant, energetic. Friendly impression in accompanying during air travel


On behalf of SUPER AIR JET, we express its gratitude to all parties involved, including regulators (central government) and local governments, airport managers: PT Angkasa Pura 1 Juanda Branch and UPBU APT Pranoto, Air Traffic Controller: AirNav Indonesia, other institutions related to cooperation, coordination so that the upcoming inaugural flight can run smoothly.

Do you know? Along with the opening of the Surabaya – Samarinda – Surabaya route, SUPER AIR JET start serving the SUPER Popular Jakarta – Banjarmasin – Jakarta and Jakarta – Semarang – Jakarta routes.

On (20/04), SUPER AIR JET flew directly to Eastern Indonesia to Sultan Hasanuddin Makasssar International Airport in Maros, South Sulawesi (UPG).

SUPER AIR JET deeply understands the needs of today's travelers, in line with the vision: “To empower the next generation to reach new heights”