Hi Supers! Bringing Fun To Eid Homecoming Moments and Holidays

SUPER AIR JET Prepares 22 Airbus 320-200 Aircraft

“Watch Movies and Other Free Entertainment, Ergonomic Chairs, Distance Between Relief Seats, Equipped with Air Filter System (HEPA Filter)”



JAKARTA, April 27, 2022. Hi Supers! Mudik Eid homecoming and holidays are one of the important moments to be able to gather with family, relatives and friends. SUPER AIR JET prepares to meet the mobility needs of Supers (passengers) during the peak season by preparing 22 Airbus 320-200 Aircraft


The operation of the aircraft, SUPER AIR JET introduced "SUPER Comfortable" flying. The Airbus A320-200 SUPER AIR JET aircraft has been designed according to the needs of the current aviation market through several excellent aircraft maintenance facilities.


SUPER AIR JET is proud to introduce the aircraft in the single aisle category to serve the demands of the aviation market, including peak season.

Why it "SUPER Comfortable"?

  1. Free entertainment, watch movies, play games, read magazines and more from SUPER Entertainment which is accessed only from mobile phones.
  2. 80 economy class seats, 3-3 layout,
  3. Modern and futuristic interior, making a sense of comfort,
  4. Wide distance between seats (seat pitch)
  5. Luggage storage space (compartment) is quite spacious, making it possible to store more luggage and make it easier to arrange luggage,
  6. Ergonomic and comfortable seats.
  7. The aircraft is very suitable for serving short and medium-haul flights,
  8. The Airbus 320 is powered by an eco-friendly engine. The aircraft becomes more efficient from the fuel side and is able to travel longer flight distances (long haul).


SUPER AIR JET has conducted a thorough check of the aircraft and documents. Aircraft maintenance is still carried out following standard operating procedures. This step is to ensure the aircraft is ready and safe to operate.


All SUPER AIR JET aircraft have HEPA Filter technology (strong particle filter system and air elbow system regulator) which is able to filter 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses so that air circulation in the cabin is well maintained and comfortable. Supers need to know, this device is able to keep air circulation fresh, always updated every 3 - 5 minutes. So, flying remains safe, healthy and fun.


Aircraft Sterilization

SUPER AIR JET aircraft in operation is always sterilized including disinfection, disinsection, fummigasi and deepcleaning according to the procedures applicable to the cockpit room area, toilet (lavatory), kitchen (galley), luggage compartment, folding table on the seat, seat backrest, head cover, window cover and cabin wall, carpet and cargo room.


Aircraft Cleanliness

The aircraft cleaning process is carried out by a team of technicians and Aircraft Interior Exterior Cleaning (AIEC), including Aircraft Interior Cleaning (cleaning the inside of the aircraft) and Aircraft Exterior Clean


In an effort to maintain the level of punctuality (on time performance), SUPER AIR JET has regulated aircraft movements and placed backup aircraft (standby aircrarft).


Do You Know? Currently SUPER AIR JET has served 19 SUPER Popular routes throughout Indonesia, including:

1. Jakarta: Soekarno Hatta International AirportTangerang (CGK)

2. Medan: Kualanamu Medan International Airport, North Sumatra (KNO)

3. Batam: Hang Nadim International Airport, Riau Islands(BTH)

4. Palembang: Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport, South Sumatra (PLM)

5. Pekanbaru: Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport, Riau (PKU)

6. Padang: Minangkabau International Airport, West Sumatra (PDG)

7. Jambi: Sultan Thaha Airport  (DJB)

8. Bandar Lampung: Radin Inten II Tanjung Karang Airport, Lampung (TKG)

9. Surabaya; Juanda International Airport, East Java (SUB)

10. Yogyakarta: Yogyakarta International Airport, Kulonprogo (YIA)

11. Solo: Adi Soemarmo International Airport, Central Java (SOC)

12. Semarang: General Ahmad Yani International Airport, Central Java (SRG)

13. Bali: I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar (DPS)

14. Lombok: Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport, West Nusa Tenggara (LOP)

15. Pontianak: Supadio International Airport, West Kalimantan (PNK)

16. Balikpapan: Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Sepinggan International Airport, East

Kalimantan (BPN).

17. Banjarmasin: Syamsudin Noor International Airport, South Kalimantan (BDJ)

18. Samarinda: Aji Pangeran Tumenggung Pranoto International Airport, East Kalimantan  


19. Makassar: Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, South Sulawesi (UPG)


SUPER AIR JET has standardized training for management, all flight crew, employees to further improve security and service to supers.