Hallo Supers!

The Charm of the Southern Tip of Sumatra Is So Interesting


Starting February 25, 2022 SUPER AIR JET Flies Directly from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to Radin Inten II Airport


New Route Jakarta – Lampung – Jakarta Getting More Exciting with SUPER Saving Offers Starting from Rp 318,800, SUPER Extra Free Baggage 20kg, Fly SUPER Comfortable Airbus 320-200 While Watching Movies For Free in the Air with SUPER Entertainment


L A M P U N G, February 20, 2022. SUPER AIR JET is preparing to invite supers (millennial designations from SUPER AIR JET) to get to know more closely the latest SUPER Favorite destinations in Bandar Lampung and South Lampung.


The province is to the south on the island of Sumatra, with the capital or center of government being in the city of Bandar Lampung. To get to Bandar Lampung, supers must go through the main air gate, radin inten II Airport (TKG). The airport is referred to in the area of South Lampung Regency. For that, before going to the provincial capital, you can explore South Lampung.


Do you like to enjoy coffee? Lampung offers one of the agricultural products that are preferred by all levels of society. This province is known as one of the best coffee producing regions in Indonesia. Arabica coffee is the result of farmers scattered throughout Lampung regency.


This is where supers will also find oil from flowers, resulting from the development of "essential oil" producing plants. Usaha Mikro Kecil dan Menengah (UMKM) continue to squirm, superior products include Tapis Lampung fabric, coffee, various processed foods and beverages and others.

More curious about the area named Kota Gajah? Starting February 25, 2022, SUPER AIR JET will operate from Terminal 2D of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Tangerang, Banten (CGK) with a flying frequency of 1 (one) time every day.

  • Jakarta to Bandar Lampung | Flight IU-800 | Departs at 09.00 | Arrived at 9:50
  • Bandar Lampung to Jakarta | Flight IU-801 | Departs at 10:30 | Arrives at 11:20


Jakarta – Jakarta is known as a SUPER Popular route because it has high market potential and many air route enthusiasts, according to the needs of current travelers. Moreover, enjoy flying SUPER Comfortable using airbus 320-200 capacity of 180 seats economy class.


The best offers cost SUPER Efficient start from Rp 318,800 one way from Jakarta to Lampung and Lampung to Jakarta starting from Rp 325,600. SUPER AIR JET is increasingly optimistic about accommodating flight demand and remains focused on targeting the young market, according to the Vision: “To empower the next generation to reach new heights”


In facilitating travel that is adjusted to the requirements / provisions of health documents and SUPER Healthy, SUPER AIR JET has cooperated with health facilities. Each supers can conduct an affordable health test of RDT-ANTIGEN Rp 35,000 cooperation of health facilities departing from Jabodetabek RT-PCR Rp 195,000. For departures from Bandar Lampung, RT-Antigen fares Rp 35,000 and RT-PCR 225,000.


SUPER Extra: Free 20kg can accommodate luggage or baggage on each flight. Do you like to get bored in the air? No need to worry, you can watch free movies just from the grasp of SUPER Entertainment.


This entertainment will be indulgent through free entertainment accessed from mobile phones. Watch movies as much as you can, play games, read e-magazines, look for lifestyle references, look around vloggers, follow podcasts and other interesting content.


SUPER AIR JET which carries the concept in accordance with current trends has studied the main habits of young people, one of which is not separated from mobile phones. Finally, SUPER AIR JET adapts to entertainment in the air and on the ground, so that every super guest will still be able to move using their respective smartphones to pamper themselves through free entertainment. The most important hope is, the experience during the flight is maintained, fun, exciting and fun.


SUPER AIR JET answers the challenges among business people and tourists in the current era regarding aviation needs, especially in southern Sumatra.


The inaugural flight of Jakarta – Bandar Lampung – Jakarta PP was carried out as scheduled and met the operational standard aspects of safety, security and comfort of air travel. All operations are running under strict health protocol provisions.


SUPER AIR JET thanked all parties, airport managers – Angkasa Pura II Soekarno-Hatta Branch and Radin Inten II, AirNav Indonesia, ground handling partners and other parties for co-operation and cooperation, so that the upcoming maiden flight can run smoothly. This positive synergy is expected to continue to be well established.


Let's Get to Know Super Air Jet

The main focus of SUPER AIR JET offers a low cost carrier concept with direct intercity flights on a point-to-point basis in the domestic market and can later penetrate to international routes.

Super AIR JET is designed and prepared to allow many people (passengers) to be able to travel by airplane.

Current and future super air jet flights will be assessed to be:

  1. Adding new and exciting experiences when flying,
  2. Creating better connectivity, so as to shorten the distance and shorten the travel time,
  3. Re-stirring people's interest in traveling by airplane,
  4. Forming, connecting and realizing dreams for the community of street hobbyists, aviation lovers, business people to still be able to fly,
  5. Ensuring that flying is very safe, healthy and fun.