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First Time Flying to a New Destination SUPER Favorite Central Java: SEMARANG



S E M A R A N G, April 5, 2022. Hi Supers! Semarang is one of the metropolitan cities in Indonesia. In this city, it is easy to find a variety of business destinations, education, cultural tourism, culinary tourism, historical tourism, natural tourism and many more. No wonder, if you get the nickname “Semarang, More Dazzling”


Of all the advantages and attractions of Semarang and its surroundings, SUPER AIR JET from April 22, 2022 first flew to connect SUPER Favorite destinations from Jakarta through Terminal 1A of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Tangerang Banten (CGK) to Semarang through General Ahmad Yani International Airport, Central Java. (SRG).


Frequency and service of SUPER AIR JET



Do you Know? Flying from the Indonesian capital to the capital of Central Java there is no time difference, both are still in one area of West Indonesia Time (WIB) or there is no time difference.

SUPER Popular Routes Flight Number Departure Arrival Free of charge
Jakarta (CGK) to Semarang (SRG) IU-304 13.00 14.10 ·       Baggage 20 kg
·       In-flight Entertainment
Semarang (SRG) to Jakarta (CGK) IU-305 14.50 15.55 ·       Baggage 20 kg
·       In-flight Entertainment


SUPER AIR JET deeply understands the needs of the younger generation of people who want to travel around Indonesia to realize the dream of visiting SUPER Favorit destinations, which are known as the most desirable destination cities. The growth and development of Semarang City is strongly supported by the geographical location of Semarang which is strategically located.


Therefore, this IATA: IU-Code airline offers SUPER-Saving fares starting from Rp 353,100 Jakarta to Semarang and Semarang to Jakarta starting from Rp 368,100.


SUPER AIR JET try to answer the demand among millennials by providing new options and new ways of flying on the most crowded route, namely SUPER Popular Jakarta – Semarang – Jakarta. This domestic route is still the answer to the high market demand.


The best offer, supers originating from various cities, will stop in advance at Terminal 1A soekarno-hatta international airport as the "new home" of SUPER AIR JET to continue flights to Semarang.


Simultaneously the first flight plan Jakarta – Semarang – Jakarta, on the same day (22/ 04), SUPER AIR JET flies first SUPER Popular route to SUPER Popular destination:

  • Jakarta – Banjarmasin – Jakarta
  • Surabaya – Samarinda – Surabaya


On (20/04), SUPER AIR JET will fly supers to super favorite: Makassar on the SUPER Popular route Jakarta – Makassar – Jakartaa.


In the future, SUPER AIR JET is preparing to enliven flights in Indonesia gradually.


New Era, Fun Experience

Follow the excitement of flying with SUPER AIR JET and prepare yourself for the precious moment of the new route "inaugural flight".

Get the advantages of "SUPER Extra" among others

  1. Free baggage 20 kg for all supers, so it can accommodate the needs of luggage.
  2. Watch free movies at an altitude of 30,000 feet. There is entertainment on board that can be directly accessed only from a personal mobile phone.

    Easy way => Download the Tripper app at Apps Store / Google Play Store => Connect Your Phone To Super Air Jet Wifi Hotspot while on board => open the Tripper Super Entertainment application and Scan qr contained in the boarding pass you have.  

    What entertainment is provided? Supers can enjoy watching selected movies, TV series, vloggers, children's movies, games, lifestyle, reading magazines and podcasts.

  3. Flying SUPER Comfortable using airbus 320-200 aircraft with a capacity of 180 seats with ergonomic seat layout and combination of ergonomic seats and more legroom
  4. Aircraft with HEPA Filter technology capable of filtering 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses in the air cabin. Supers must know, because this device is able to keep air circulation fresh, always updated every 3 - 5 minutes.
  5. Meet SUPER Crew, the most awaited moment. The appearance of cabin crew with modern and contemporary uniforms makes the feel more fresh, energetic, elegant and full of enthusiasm, especially moving quickly in serving / helping supers while flying.

    Super Crew identically very friendly "friendly" accompanying during the flight. As a result, flying is more and more fun.

  6. Download the SUPER AIR JET mobile apps and take advantage of the features in completing the flight plan. One of them, from this mobile app supers can check-in online 6-4 hours before departure.
  7. The process and implementation of aviation prioritizes safety, security factors and based on strict health protocols.


Supers, Stay tuned for the next update from SUPER AIR JET.