Hi Millennials, New Flights Have Begun

Inaugural Flight SUPER AIR JET to Super Favorite Destinations: Medan Kualanamu and Batam

76 Years of Indonesian Independence and 54 Years of ASEAN


The inaugural flight was at Kualanamu International Airport. Photo by Agusta Hendrawan


T A N G E R A N G, August 6th, 2021. SUPER AIR JET today announced a milestone by flying *New Era, New Experience* serving super favorite flight routes, from Jakarta – Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, in Tangerang (CGK) to:

  1. Medan (KNO) through Kualanamu International Airport in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra,
  2. Batam (BTH) through Hang Nadim International Airport in Riau Islands.


SUPER AIR JET operates with a frequency of flying 1 (one) time daily, which is served roundtrip (PP), using Airbus 320-200 with a capacity of 180 economy class seats.




Flight No. Route Flight Schedule
IU 890 CGK-KNO 06.30-08.50
IU 891 KNO-CGK 09.30-11.50
IU 854 CGK-BTH 12.50-14.30
IU 855 BTH-CGK 15.10-16.55



Inauguration at Hang Nadim International Airport, Batam. Photo by Agusta Hendrawan




SUPER AIR JET is in line to answer the challenges among business people and tourists in the current era regarding aviation needs, especially the northern part of Sumatra. Do you know? Medan and Batam as the most popular destinations for millennials. This route has the character of a large and still existing domestic aviation market opportunities and because the network and the area is already known and liked by the public, finally known as the "SUPER Popular" route


The most dominant uniqueness of Medan and Batam in the eyes of millennials, are:

  1. Adventure City, offers a variety of excellent attractions such as culinary, religious, historical, cultural, nautical and others and supported by the peculiarities of local wisdom,
  2. Business City, increasingly developed creative ideas of young people developed into business centers, new entrepreneurs, small and medium entrepreneurs, modern industries, traditional industries, craft industries and others.


The excitement of this first flight as part of a thrilling commemoration coincides with an important world record:

  1. 76 Years of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia

    Inspire a more tangible, unifying spirit to rise from the crisis, contribute in fighting for and maintain in the aviation industry continues to serve the public at large. In addition, efforts to increase trends according to the needs of the aviation market, especially domestic.


  2. 54 Years of ASEAN

Bringing a new era and chapter of aviation from Indonesia as the development of Indonesia, young spirit performance that will be able to bring SUPER AIR JET to knit and serve flights in the starting from Indonesia then develop to the region of Southeast Asia to global.


The main focus of SUPER AIR JET offers a low cost carrier concept with point-to-point direct intercity flights in the domestic market and can later expand to international routes.


The inaugural flight went on schedule and met the operational standards aspects of air travel safety, security and comfort. Most importantly, operations run under strict health protocol provisions.


SUPER AIR JET would like to express its gratitude to all parties involved, including regulators, airport managers, air traffic controllers, other agencies related to cooperation, coordination during this time. Furthermore, synergy can be well established, so that the upcoming inaugural flight continues to run smoothly.


Pnauguration of the inaugural flight by the board of Directors of SUPER AIR JET. Photo by Agusta Hendrawan


SUPER AIR JET is designed and prepared to allow many people (passengers) to be able to travel by airplane. Current and upcoming SUPER AIR JET flights are rated to be:

  1. Add a new and most exciting experience when flying,
  2. Creating better connectivity, thus shortening distances and shortening travel time,
  3. Re-arouse people's interest in traveling by plane,
  4. Forming, connecting and realizing dreams for the community of street enthusiasts, aviation lovers, business people to stay able to fly,
  5. Assured that flying was very safe, healthy and fun,


Get More Comfort

The advantage or value of flying with SUPER AIR JET is "SUPER Extra" with free baggage 20 kilograms (Kg), which is more pampering and easier when flying.  


"SUPER Entertainment" supported by Tripper Travel app will provide new and exciting experiences while on the go. Entertainment can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime: on ground and on board. Immediately download "Tripper Travel" Apps Store or Google Play Store from your smart phone or gadget (Tab & Ipad).


SUPER Entertainment is a joint business collaboration of SUPER AIR JET and TRIPPER powered by AirFi Indonesia as a provider of W-IFE (Wireless Inflight Entertainment).


SUPER AIR JET has a vision: “To empower the next generation to reach new heights” is preparing for the inaugural flight with domestic routes that are considered very potential, have the appeal of regional excellence, as well as the flight trends of the millennial passenger category.