Hi Milenial, Let's Prepare the Latest Flight Plan

SUPER AIR JET Soon Flies to Super Favorite Destinations: “SURABAYA Metropolitan City”


SUPER Save Rate Starts from Rp 472,800 with SUPER Extra Free 20kg Baggage.




Jakarta, October 4, 2021. Surabaya is the capital of East Java Province. Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta. With the population of the metropolis is considered to continue to grow, including millennials. In its development, Surabaya remains known as a center of business, trade, industry, and education in the eastern region of Java island and surrounding areas.


Currently, Surabaya has an attraction with various processed products of small and medium-sized micro enterprises (MSMEs) or creative industries, including culinary products, various crafts (handy craft), various clothing / clothing (fashion) and others.


 In addition, the city with the logo "Jer Basuki Mawa Bea" means that to achieve happiness requires this sacrifice always shows a better and advanced direction in many sectors, including air transportation.


From these things, finally inspired SUPER AIR JET to immediately fly to Surabaya regularly (scheduled daily) through Juanda International Airport in Sidoarjo (SUB) which is served directly from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Tangerang (CGK).


The first flight is scheduled for October 22 with a frequency of 2 (two) times each day. Let’s check super air jet flight schedule


Flight No. Route Departure Schedule Schedule Arrives
IU 330 Jakarta – Surabaya 05.30 07.00
IU 331 Surabaya – Jakarta 07.40 09.10
IU 340 Jakarta – Surabaya 14.20 15.50
IU 341 Surabaya – Jakarta 16.30 18.00



Plan air travel from now on. SUPER AIR JET offers SUPER Hemat fares one way, Jakarta to Surabaya starts from Rp 472,800 and Surabaya to Jakarta starts from Rp 488,800


By carrying the theme in accordance with the vision: “To empower the next generation to reach new heights”. SUPER AIR JET is optimistic that it can target the millennial category market in Jakarta and around (western Java) and East Java (eastern Java).


SUPER AIR JET is very understanding of young travelers (millennial travelers) who are currently still "upset" to travel by airplane. Therefore, SUPER AIR JET in the Jakarta – Surabaya – Jakarta network will answer the demands of today's travel.




Surabaya will be the newest destination city of SUPER AIR JET, because this route (Surabaya – Jakarta – Surabaya) is one of the SUPER Popular – a crowded air route with enthusiasts from business people, education, tourists and government centers.


SUPER AIR JET assesses, the youth category market for the Jakarta – Surabaya – Jakarta route will continue to increase in line with mobility needs to and from Surabaya.


Currently, SUPER AIR JET is preparing flight services and operations including the readiness of SUPER Crew (cockpit crew and cabin crew), ticket sales, cooperation of health facilities and the fleet to be operated.



Why fly on a super air jet?

Flying SUPER Healthy, all SUPER Crew and super guests (super air jet passengers) have undergone health tests In addition, SUPER AIR JET offers the ease of conducting Covid-19 tests on the network of cooperation partners, departure from Jakarta for RT-PCR Rp 285,000 and RDT-ANTIGEN 35,000. For surabaya, the cooperation of RT-PCR health facilities is Rp 380,000 and RDT-ANTIGEN Rp 35,000.


SUPER AIR JET operates with a flight frequency plan 2 (two) times every day, which is served round trip (PP), flying SUPER Comfortable using airbus 320-200 capacity of 180 economy class seats.

SUPER Extra: free 20kg can accommodate luggage or luggage on each flight. Do you like to get bored in the air? No need to worry, SUPER Entertainment will pamper through free entertainment accessed from mobile phones. Watch movies as much as you can, play games, read e-magazines, look for lifestyle references, look around vloggers, follow podcasts and other interesting content.


SUPER AIR JET which carries the concept in accordance with current trends has studied the main habits of young people, one of which is not separated from mobile phones. Finally, SUPER AIR JET adapts to entertainment in the air and on the ground, so that every super guest will still be able to move using their respective smartphones to pamper themselves through free entertainment. The most important hope is, the experience during the flight is maintained, fun, exciting and fun.