Hi Millennials, Get To Know More “SUPER Crew” and, Get Ready to Meet on An Upcoming Flight



“Casual Style: Simple, Enthusiastic, New Energy, Contemporary and




J A K A R T A, August 4th, 2021. SUPER AIR JET understands very well that today's travelers and business travelers (millenials travelers) want to fly again soon, many things that turn out to make you miss traveling by airplane, one of which meets the air crew.  Answering the challenges of millennials, SUPER AIR JET introduces SUPER Crew.


Carrying the theme "Get To Know Super Crew", SUPER AIR JET invites young people to prepare to plan their upcoming flights, in order to meet with SUPER Crew.

FYI (for your information) review this time, is expected to help travelers who are "eager" to board the plane.


The most unique identity is the use of the color "khaki" on each motif of the uniform. Do you know? This philosophy comes from the color of the soil and the skin color derivatives of Asians that are mostly found in Indonesia and some other countries. Therefore, SUPER AIR JET has a vision: “To empower the next generation to reach new heights”. SUPER AIR JET was really founded from scratch (o) on the basis of initiation and millennial spirit, the hope is to keep streaking, flying high, reaching out to many destinations.


SUPER AIR JET assesses, the use of earth color (gradation between brown and white color) as a characteristic when worn together with super crew uniform looks natural (calm), warm, calming, friendly, energetic and cheerful.



More importantly, the determination of uniform colors also involves categories of gold derivatives. The message conveyed is success or achievement of achievement, glory, prosperity, so that every SUPER Crew always encourages continued moving forward and insightful as serving wholeheartedly (totality).


The choice of patterns resembling casual clothing is adaptive to millennials who use the average (in general) daily activities, certainly quite comfortable when worn in any activity, the design is simple but still attracts attention


Clearly visible on the uniforms of flight attendants and flight attendants, the color symbolizes its own identical style after being adopted from the current fashion trends (fashionable). The thick contoured material is made wearing zippers (unbuttoned), the development of semi-model short-collared long-sleeved jackets and rolled up to the wrist.


The model's trousers are straight but rolled up above the ankles, equipped with elastic rubber on the waistband, decorated with a number of pockets on the side.


The model's trousers are straight but rolled up above the ankles, equipped with elastic rubber on the waistband, decorated with a number of pockets on the side. The use is similar to a backpack only the waist using drawstring straps (without belts).  Thus this reflects the younger, relaxed, dynamic pieces. Soft color of brown color will also make the appearance of SUPER Crew looks cool, elegant, very simple, and one way SUPER AIR JET to preserve fabric.


SUPER Crew is getting more confident with a mix of white sneakers.

Do you know? The decision to wear these sneakers is because one of the most popular types of shoes among young people, its development is very favored especially among the SUPER Crew generation. When walking feels calm there will be no sound. Most importantly, SUPER AIR JET also repopulated "sneakers".  It is said that the oldest shoe model in the world, around the era of 1917-1924, when it began to be produced and used for the public.


Half moon bag according to women's shoulder standard (flight attendant only) is also white, mix and match with sneakers. So it looks bright, it is believed to give a smart-casual appearance, the charm of the present is increasingly radiated. The bag serves to support the fashion style, designed as needed during work and others.


SUPER AIR JET expects, when millennials meet SUPER Crew at the airport or on the plane, get the latest atmosphere, the latest scenery, fun and will certainly captivate (stir) the interest in flying and get closer to the world of aviation.



Why SUPER Crew?

In line with the term millennials who are familiarly heard and popular, has inspired SUPER AIR JET to give the name "SUPER Crew". The goal is in the demographic segment (specific age category), generation Y is formed for those born in 1980 - 1990, or in early 2000, and so on; predict the diverse desires of young travelers and business people; particular concern for millennial behavior; and form a pleasant atmosphere of fun.



SUPER AIR JET coded IATA: IU which is then used one unique way:

the term "I Love U" means we're always going to be there for you – especially millennials. The phrase will be familiar and familiar to be heard among SUPER Crew when spreading various forms of flying campaign "New Era, Exciting Experience"


SUPER Crew has been carefully considered with various philosophies in order to form new characters and energy in developing SUPER AIR JET until the future.


Superior  Provide high service (or good), quality and superior, systematic, still impressive, effective and efficient.
Universal  Moving together from now on, to make the range wider and apply (cover) the whole (without distinction))
Passion  Very strong feeling or a great sense of spirit that is owned according to interests / talents while working, so as to give rise to sincerity of serving.
Empathy  Understanding every service is valuable, others as part of the family, (caring anytime and anywhere).
Respecting  Serving wholeheartedly, emotional feelings and displays increasingly organized, flexible, showing admiration for others is special for respect.
Connecting  Feel part of the SUPER AIR JET family for a lot of creativity and interest involvement is able to build people when traveling in the future: good relations to all parties. 
Responsibility  Reading situations and being responsible for something is believed to be due to ideas and actions, liking the portion of personal and professional self-development.
Energetic  Generations and young people are full of high optimism, enthusiastic, super selective, dynamic, see opportunities and face the challenges of the golden opportunity part.
Worldwide  Affirmation is always insightful (global), wise to follow development trends and have high curiosity, motivation on self-will.  


SYS (See You Soon), meaning see you again at the next information and warm regards from SUPER AIR JET.