Hi Supers! Domestic Flight Requirements Update

Effective April 05, 2022


Get Ready to Fly Super Favorite Destinations on Super Popular SUPER AIR JET Routes


Domestic Flight Requirements SE Ministry of Transportation No.36 of 2022 (to and from all airports in Indonesia) and Covid-19 Task Force Circular Letter No.16 of 2022 concerning Domestic Travel Provisions during the Corona Virus Disease 2019 Pandemic (Covid-19)


J A K A R T A , April 4, 2022. SUPER AIR JET conveys the latest information about the terms and conditions for Supers who want to travel using air travel, especially SUPER AIR JET so that you can still explore SUPER Favorite destinations on the SUPER Popular route. 

Domestic Flights

Vaccination Negative RDT-ANTIGEN
 (Valid 1x24 hours)
Negative RT-PCR
(Valid 3x24 hours)
Official Health Certificate from a Hospital Doctor Information
Dose I Vaccine (first) - - -
Dose II Vaccine (second) - Negative RDT-ANTIGEN or RT-PCR test result
Dose III Vaccine (booster) - - - -
Not Vaccinated (health condition, comorbid disease, pregnant) - -
Age <6 (less than) years - - - Mandatory with a travel companion who has met the Covid-19 vaccination and test examination requirements


The implementation of SUPER AIR JET flights based on domestic flight requirements SE Ministry of Transportation No. 36 of 2022 which is enforced from April 5, 2022 until further notice. Selain In addition, Super Air Jet services comply with operational provisions in accordance with the Circular Letter of the Covid-19 Task Force No.16 of 2022 concerning Domestic Travel Provisions during the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) Pandemic


SUPER AIR JET always supports government programs in implementing flight provisions during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Before air travel, Supers are expected to pay attention to all applicable flight requirements. All vaccine certificates that have been carried out as well as the results of RDT-ANTIGEN and RT-PCR tests can be accessed using the Pedulilindungi application, so that they can fly safely and comfortably.


In addition, please note that the passenger's load factor capacity is in accordance with SE Ministry of Transportation No. 36/2022 which is 100%. The determination of carrying capacity is carried out while still paying attention to health protocols.


More Updates about SUPER AIR JET!

Effective from April 6, 2022, SUPER AIR JET operates at Terminal 1A of Soekarno Hatta-Tangerang Airport (valid for departure and arrival routes).


SUPER AIR JET together with the manager of the city of PT Angkasa Pura II and the company's partners are preparing to welcome Supers at Terminal 1A. Coordination and implementation of preparations has been carried out as part of efforts to ensure that flight operations and services in the upcoming "new home" still ensure health protocols, run well according to standard operating procedures, adjusted flight traffic trends and prioritize service, security and safety factors.

For Supers who want a more comfortable and enjoyable flying experience, SUPER AIR JET also offers a practical solution. If you are going to travel by air without carrying checked baggage, Supers do not need to queue to check-in at the airport by using the Online Check-in facility through a computer and the Super Air Jet Application which can be downloaded from the AppStore and PlayStore. Online Check-in can be used 6 (six) hours to 2 (two) hours before departure.

SUPER AIR JET fully understands the needs of contemporary travelers, for that the best offer super hemat by flying SUPER Comfortable using Airbus 320-200 capacity of 180 seats economy class is considered very suitable. This is, in line with the vision: "To empower the next generation to reach new heights”